Your cat can get diabetes like a human

Help your cat with Diabetes

Not only human get sick from the Diabetes. Cats also can get this illness. But what can you do and how can you recognize this? Here we want to show you what you can do.

Diabetes, a special illness

Sick Cats do need our help

Normal Insulin ensures that sugar from the blood gets into the tissue the pancreas regulates the sugar balance in humans and animals body.
Insulin deficiency can occur if the cat’s immune system (immune system) wrongly fights the cells of the pancreas. Diabetes in cats called: Feline diabetes. Sometimes they loose their function or start to work to little. So too much sugar come in the blood and metabolism. The insulin that regulates the sugar balance is not produced sufficiently. The blood sugar level is too high and can’t go low.

What will happen if you don’t see and help your sick cat?

Your cat feel not good. The biggest problem are that nerv damage. Also, the sugar is missing in the tissues, and they need little sugar for to work right.

How you see the Diabetes
Your cats walk is shaky and you can recognize a weakness in the hind legs. They walk irregular. Also, you will find out your cat drink a lot more than normal and give up a large amount of urine.  It s the same just as humans.
Sometimes your cat want to eat a lot but never become stronger.  She looses weights and the fur becomes lackluster.

How diabetes occur in a cat
Inflammation or tumors in the pancreas can be a cause of diabetes. Sometimes medicine like cortisone can trigger the diabetes.  But this diabetes from medicine can go by itself without any treatment.  Diabetes through inflammation or tumors stay in cats body.

So the Sick Cat Rescue with your actions.

Help your sick cat

First the best is you go with your cat to the Veterinarian practice. Here you can explain the Symptoms. After the examination your vet will tell you what to do and how you can give your cat the missing insulin to your cat. Its not easy because a cat can’t get it oral if you mix it into the food cat will not eat right.

So your cat needs injections with Insulin.
They re 2 sorts of Insulin (Recombinant protamine zinc insulin or Pig zink Insulin) which you can give your cat. Your vet will decide the right one and show you how to use it.

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