What can you do if your cat stops eating? How do you have to deal with a sick cat?

If your cat seems to have no appetite it should not be ignored even if this can be normal for cats. If your cat shows no interest to eat his meal but otherwise starts to eat right away, you should have an eye on that.

And in the case your cat isn’t eating anymore or is only eats tiny amounts, you need to get your veterinarian involved. Because such a lack of eating for a few days can lead to a various amount of serious problems like a so-called fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis.

This also means that you should never ignore if your cat stops eating from one moment to another and better watch out for other warning signs to find out if you have to deal with a Sick cat. But don’t make the mistake to push your cat to eat, because then your little friend will not act like normal so that it’s hard to figure out what’s really wrong.

Sometimes such a lack of appetite can also be caused by a hurting tooth or a simple stomachache what can be better right at the next morning so that you don’t have to care about the appetite of your cat for long.

But if your cat keeps ignoring the food you give to her for a longer period of time you need to see your veterinarian so that he can tell you what’s really wrong with your pet cat.

Cause a lack of appetite can lead to serious problems in the worst case if the sick cat is not treated as soon as possible.

And that’s why you should always watch out how your cat is eating even if your cat seems healthy and active. Because only if you know exactly how your cat is acting and eating normally you will directly notice if something is wrong and act without losing any time.

So better always keep an eye on your cat and you will recognize any symptoms of a cat beeing sick that can show your cat is sick and needs medical care.

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