Cat Sneezing: Maybe an illness?

Sometimes Sick Cats sneezes more than usual.
Cats sneeze normal like humans do. You dont have to worry about it. Sometimes excitement or movements can bring on sneezing in cats. Almost anything that irritates oder tickles a cats nose can trigger sneeze.
If this is the only symptom and your cat displays no discharge from eyes or nose, good appetite, no change in behavior or activity level—then something as simple as an allergy or contact with irritants like cigarette smoke or air fresheners may be to blame.
However, if your cats sneezing wont go away, you may need to check with your veterinarian to see if treatment is needed.

Sir sneeze

Causes of sneezing

The viruses that cause colds in people are generally species-specific. Except perhaps under the rarest of circumstances, the viruses that make people sick with a cold are incapable of causing illness in cats.
One of the main causes of sneezing is an infection. Usually due to viral infections such as feline herpes virus and feline calivirus. The chance is very high that the cat has an upper resparatory infection. Stress can often worsen the signs of the infection. Its very similiar to colds in human. These infections are more common in young cats.
As with colds and flu in people the treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms while your cat fights the infection. Viral infections can lead to secondary bacterial infections which can be treated with antibiotics. Fungal infections of the nose also occur in cats.
There are some cases, where the vet may take a swab from the mouth, throat, eyes and send it to a lab to confirm an infection.
Allergies are not common for cats sneezing too.

What you can do

Your cat needs to receive the vaccinations feline herpersvirus and felinecalivirus. Otherwise your cat could become an viral infection.
If your cat occasionally sneezes, keep an eye on her for a few days. Try to find out if there is a pattern to when she sneezes. Keep your cat indoors.
If the sneezing become more persistent and your cat sneezes blood, then you have to see your vet as soon as possible.
When you want to know more about Sick Cat Rescue, you can read the threads on our website too.

When to see the vet

The treatment depends on the cause of sneezing.In mild cases you have to help your cat a bit to be more comfortable- like using a humidifier.
In other cases antibiotics, nasal decongestants, steorids or fluids may be needed. Rarely the medicaments dont work and a surgery may be required.

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