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Cats are good actors: can they fake diseases?

It is not uncommon for diseases to be faked among people. This also happens in the world of cats. Especially if they like to be dramatic and like to act, they also fake diseases. You rightly ask yourself why they do it. Often the reason is as simple as the question. The supposedly sick cat wants your attention.

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How to know if your cat is sick?

How to find out if your cat is sick

On our website you can find useful advise. Every owner of a pet, like a cat, loves his little darling. It is also painful for you, if your cat suffers from a disease. Your cat is like a familymember to you. You want your cat to be happy and healty. The same goes for owners of dogs as a pet. You don’t want, that your pet suffers from a disease. Therefore a “Sick Cat Rescue” plan must be done!

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