Ways of Treating Allergy Symptoms in a Sick Cat

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Cats can suffer from various types of allergies, including flea allergies, contact allergies, airborne allergies and food allergies. Whatever be the type of the allergy, there would be certain symptoms of the same and you should know treating allergy symptoms in a sick cat, no matter what the allergy type is. Here we discuss some tips on how to treat such symptoms.

Treating Allergy Symptoms In A Sick CatFlea Allergy Symptoms

Since fleas are common in pets, flea allergies are also very common. The most common symptoms of the flea allergy include breaking and cracking of the skin of the cat, loss of hair and bald patches here and there. These symptoms can also be reduced when a strict flea control procedure is followed. Either you can use vinegar to bathe the cat and the symptoms would automatically reduce, or you can take the cat to the vet and as the medication would advance, the symptoms would go away.

Food Allergy

Food allergies are developed by cats due to many reasons. In this type of allergy, cats get allergic to food and as soon as they touch or ingest that particular food item, the allergy symptoms appear. These symptoms include itchiness, problems in the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal problems and some others. The most common thing that you can do here to reduce the symptoms is to watch out that your cat does not come in contact with the allergen food. The vet might also recommend a diet trial, which would extend up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Airborne Allergy

This type of allergy occurs when a cat inhales some particles which it was not supposed to inhale, that is, those particles to which the cat was allergic. It is worth to mention here that this type of allergy is not permanent, but seasonal, and it might cause some respiratory problems if the symptoms are not heeded immediately. To your level, you can try keeping your windows and doors shut so that pollens from the outside do not enter the house and infect your cat. Some of the shampoos might also be recommended by your vet so as to treat the symptoms.

Contact Allergy

Contact allergy occurs when a cat comes in the contact of some allergen substances. The substances can be just about anything, any detergent that you are using to wash cat’s stuffs, or a shampoo that you bought recently, or even a carpet that you use for the cat. The most common symptoms of contact allergy is irritation and itchiness. The only thing to treat the symptoms is to remove the allergens right away from the house.

One thing that you should take care of, while Treating Allergy Symptoms In A Sick Cat is that you should feed it a good diet. If its immune system is strong, it would resist the allergies automatically. Also, you should give it a hot water bath from time to time so that skin allergy symptoms go away naturally.

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