How to know if your cat is sick?

How to find out if your cat is sick

On our website you can find useful advise. Every owner of a pet, like a cat, loves his little darling. It is also painful for you, if your cat suffers from a disease. Your cat is like a familymember to you. You want your cat to be happy and healty. The same goes for owners of dogs as a pet. You don’t want, that your pet suffers from a disease. Therefore a “Sick Cat Rescue” plan must be done!

What typical symptoms?

  • higher temperature / fever
  • cat doesn’t want to eat / or eat less then normal
  • cat refuses all food
  • sometimes the cat doesn’t want to be touched
  • apathy
Most of time you can see if your Cat is sick.

There are many other symptoms you might know, your cat is sick. But mainly, the cat is not interested to eat properly anymore. Or doesn’t want to eat at all nomore. This is a main sign, which tells you, you as the catowner, should act.

Watch the behaviour

A sick cat could turn out aggressive all of a sudden. It also wants only to sleep at her place and lies in apathy. Your cat isn’t interested to play, especially when the cat is young, it is a sign for illness.

The cat refuses also to eat and just stops eating abruptly. It also seems hot, when you touch her. Watch your pet closely and you will notice, it needs help!

Give your cat love

For a watchful petowner it is mostly obvious, when the pet is ill. In many cases you can handle it alone. If the sickness is more dangerous, don’t wait and contact a veterinarian. Above all show your cat, that you care! It doesn’t feel well and needs your help immediately. To cover it with a warm blanket, can show her warmness. Caress your cat, if it wants to be touched, which often is the case. The cat needs love from you now.

Some home remedies

If the stool is soft, your cat has likely abdominal problems. In this case, or if it’s a slight fever, give her black tea. A warm black tea instead of water can help her stomach to heal again. A hot water bottle can help, if your cat slightly coughs. Be careful, that it’s not too hot or place it on a towel.

If the eyes and ears are very dirty, or you think, it’s a serious disease, don’t hesitate to go to the vet.

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