What are the Signs of a Sick Cat?

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Apart from being cute pets, cats are strong too. This means that when they fall sick, you would not notice it immediately, but after you pay attention to them. One has to be very careful and interact with his/her cat regularly in order to make sure that their cat doesn’t show any sickness signs. Here we discuss the Signs Of A Sick Cat, go through them to know when you should take your cat to a doctor.

Signs Of A Sick CatDifferent colors of the gum

If you press the gum of your cat, they will turn to deep pink and once you release her, the color will be back within a few seconds in normal cases. But in case, your cat is ill, the gum will be pale pink in color which means your cat has anemia. If the gum is bright red in color, then your cat is suffering from either poisoning from carbon monoxide or excessive heating.  In case you see a few red spots on the gum, then there might be blood clotting issues in her body. Does the tongue or the gum of your cat have turned bluish? If yes, then you should take her to a vet at once because she must be lacking oxygen.  If the gum of your per turns yellow, then it is a sign of jaundice.

Strange Sounds

Just like humans, cats either don’t like to talk when they are sick, they would be just quiet and sit in the corner of the room, or they might get excited and talk to you more than usual. Though this doesn’t indicate confirmed sickness, you should check if your cat is anxious or is feeling uncomfortable somehow. High blood pressure and feline cognitive dysfunctions might also be the reasons for such behavior of the cat.

Disturbed Eating Pattern

You must be aware of the normal eating pattern of your cat. However, if one day you notice that either your cat is eating too much or it is eating too less, you need to pay attention. More appetite means the risk of diabetes or feline hyperthyroidism and less appetite indicates kidney diseases. It may lead to cancer in some of the cases, so, if you notice no eating for as long as 24 hours, you should take your cat to the vet.

Sleeping Disorders

Cats are active creatures and they don’t like to spend most of their day sleeping. But, lately, if you notice that your cat is sleeping more than usual, or it gets overexcited and does not sleep throughout the day, this might be one of the signs of a sick cat. The best thing to do in such a case would be to consult a vet directly as sleeping pattern changes might be due to a number of causes.

These symptoms will let you know that your cat is sick and needs a vet.

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