What are Some Common Medicines for Your Sick Cat?

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Owning a pet is a beautiful feeling, but with the pet comes a lot of work that only a few people are able to handle. Cats are self-sufficient creatures and you just have to take care of them nicely when they get sick. Here we discuss some of the best and the most common medicines for your sick cat, go through them and make sure that you become a nice cat owner. Your cat would sit on the couch nicely with you and thank you for that.


In case your cat suffers from some kind of allergy, you can give it medications like amitriptyline, dexium, clemastine and dexamethasone. Allergies generally occur when cats encounter dust or some pollen in the air. It could also be due to some genetic disorder, so you should check before buying or adopting a cat. Cats might also be allergic to certain seasons, so make sure you visit a vet once in a while if your cat catches allergy frequently.

Medicines For Your Sick Cat


Cat sneezing is generally cute and people love to see their pet acting cute. Some other times, your cat might be wheezing due to some hairball stuck in her nose. However, if you notice extreme coughing, you should not take this lightly and contact a vet immediately to see what the matter is. In case the vet tells you that the cat has caught feline asthma, you should get AeroKat Feline Chamber and use it for your cat. Breathing related issues would also be solved when this inhaler would be used.


Most of the cat owners panic when they get to know that their cat has an epileptic seizure. However, panicking is not the solution at such a time, you should hurry to the vet. In most cases, a vet would suggest gabapentin for seizures. This medicine would certainly make the cat feel better in a short period of time. It is also worth to mention here that gabapentin is also used in the case of cats to make them recover from injury pain or surgery pain. So, if your cat undergoes some kind of minor surgery, you can use the medication.

Heart Problems and Respiratory Diseases

Most of the pet owners play with their pets and this keeps the pets healthy. So, the risk of heart diseases and respiratory problems is generally low, but in case it happens, one should be aware of the common medicines that can treat them. The Medicines For Your Sick Cat, like sprinonolactone, sotalol, enalapril, atenolol and Plavix etc. are perfect for such issues. The most important thing that a cat wants along with the medication when it gets sick is your love and attention. If you feed your pet properly and take care that it does not eat unhealthy, it would automatically be away from most of the diseases.

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