Various Ways of Helping a Sick Cat

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One of the most important things that a cat wants when it is sick is that someone should care for it. If it feels unwanted, it would take a long time to recover from the illness. There are many friendly nursing homes for cats where they provide cats a home-like feeling. The main reason why cats recover faster in such nursing homes is that they receive the care and affection they want. However, if you know various ways of Helping A Sick Cat yourself, it would be easy for you to take care of your cat yourself. Here are some tips for the same, have a look:

Helping A Sick CatMake it Feel Comfortable

When a cat is sick, it does not want any unwanted noises and it wants care, so make sure people don’t shout around the cat. In case you have to take it to a local vet and there are other pets present in the waiting hall, you should cover your cat’s cage with some soundproofing cloth so that sounds do not reach the ears of the cat.

Do Not Disturb the Cat

Caring for the cat does not mean that you should be overly sensitive towards it. You should not clutch it tightly or keep talking to it or telling it that it would be fine. Care for it, but keep it simple and make your cat comfortable. This kind of behavior might have alternative effects on the mind of your cat and it might get anxious. So, whatever you do, never invade your pet’s personal space. Also, do not try to tap on their heads, remember, they are cats and not humans, they expect different things when they get sick.

Care in the Hospital

If the vet recommends that your cat stays in the hospital for a couple of days, you should bring familiar items from your home to the hospital itself and keep them around the pet’s bed. This would give the cat a homely feeling and it would not feel trapped in the foreign environment of the hospital. This would make even the hospital time of your cat pleasant.

Give Medicines Properly

When you are giving medication to your cat in your home only, make sure that your cat is comfortable enough. Sometimes, cats refuse to take medicines, so if you know how to handle them and give them proper medicine, it would be a great. Helping a sick cat is really easy if you just know the basics. You can brush it and when it feels a little better, give the medicine immediately. Most of the medicines that vets give for the cats are supposed to be given without any food, so if you think you can give medicine to the cat along with the food, it is wrong. You should talk about it to the vet if your cat is not taking medicine at all, rather than taking some action yourself.

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