Sick cat: Understanding the 5 warning signs easily

The American Pet Products Association has in their various studies revealed that they are 95.6 million cat owners in America. 46% of American households have a single cat in their homes, while 31% of American homes have around two cats in their homes. If you are a pet owner, you would know that cats do not get sick easily and are tougher than dogs. However, you should be able to understand certain warnings signs which you might see in your cat and this would help you to get medical help easily.

Sick Cat# Sign1- Eating fast or not eating at all

Most of us, who see a cat asking for food, are of the impression that she is being greedy. But when your pet cat is eating a little more than usual, you should understand that there is something wrong with her. If your cat is aged, you should know that diabetes and hyperthyroidism is accompanied by excessive eating. However, if your cat has decreased his eating, you should take her to the doctor too. A Sick Cat would eat less if she is having dental or even kidney problems. Thus if your pet cat has not touched water or food for 24 hours, call the vet immediately.

# Sign2- Stops grooming herself

One of the common signs that you would see as a cat pet owner, is that she is constantly grooming herself. Cats like to be clean and thus lick themselves continuously. If you observe for a few days that your cat is not grooming itself, then it could be that he is ill. She might have dental problems or starting to suffer from arthritis.

# Sign3- Foul odor in their mouth

Most pets do not have a clean odor in their mouth. However, if you find that your cat has a fruity smell in her mouth, then she might have developed diabetes and need to be checked immediately. The presence of foul odor could mean that she is having kidney or dental problems.

# Sign4- Crying at the time of peeing

As a seasoned cat owner, you know that you sometimes have to clean her waste. But if you perceive that there has been a change in the texture, color and also the volume of the waste, you need to call the vet immediately. Another behavior that you need to study is whether she is crying aloud when peeing. This might indicate that she is suffering from an infection in the urinary tract and is a sick cat.

# Sign5- Showing signs of anxiety

You know that your cat communicates with you in many ways. But if she is frequently communicating with you then this would indicate that she is suffering from anxiety. The presence of anxiety could be due to the development of high blood pressure or even hyperthyroidism. Thus quickly understand the symptoms and get your local vet to check her.

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