Sick Cat – Major Illnesses

No matter how well you take care of your cat, it might fall ill at times and there can be various reasons for that. A little bit of sickness is tolerable and as far as your cat is recovering from the illness with the help of home remedies alone, it is fine, but as soon as you find out major sickness issues, it is the time you should start paying attention to sick cat – major illnesses. Here we discuss some major illness issues of the cats, go through it.

Malfunctioning Urinary Tract

FLUTD, which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease is a common issue that arises in cats. When you suspect that your cat is not using the litter box at all, or when you find out that producing a urine is getting tough for your cat, you should consult a vet and ask if it might be the case of a FLUTD. If the problem grows, urethra might be blocked and it has to be treated as soon as possible.

Sick Cat - Major IllnessesInfections and the Diseases Followed

Some of the common symptoms of infections in cats include teary eyes, continuously running nose, fever and some others. Your vet might have recommended some vaccinations for the cat and if you skip those vaccinations, infections might be caused. However, this is not the only reason for the infection and sometimes the infection might lead to fatal diseases and illnesses. So, one should not take the infection lightly. Other than respiratory infections, diseases like feline panleukopenia might also be caused.


Cancer is one of the most common illness in the cats and it occurs due to the feline leukemia virus. This type of cancer is in the chest of the cat and sometimes, it might also be in the intestines. If you have a white cat, you have to be scared of one other type of cancer, that is, squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer in cats cannot be identified easily as the symptoms are very common, including lameness, lethargy, vomiting, respiration problems and some skin infections.


Fleas are yet another common problem for the cat owners, but it can also be a major illness sometimes. Some of the most common signs of fleas in cats include bald patches here and there on the body of the cat, frequent scratching and hair loss. Here, one thing has to be taken care of, you cannot give your cat the same medication that you used for your dog. Since it is a serious illness, you should consult a vet immediately.

Kidney Diseases

Though kidney diseases is not common in cats, when it happens, it becomes a serious issue. In fact kidney disease is one of the major illnesses and it generally happens to older cats. If you see the signs of kidney disease in your cat such as blood pressure and reduced urine, you should see a vet as soon as possible.

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