Knowing your Sick Cat

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Cats are not very disturbing creatures when it comes to sickness. They are cute pets and they enjoy living an easy life. All they like to do is play, sleep, eat, and just sit with you and stare at you sometimes. Even when they are sick, it might take you some time to know something is wrong with them. Knowing your sick cat thus becomes all the more important. Here are some tips which would help you to know your sick cat better.

Watch the Vomit

Generally, cats cleanse their internal system by vomiting once or twice a week. This means that even healthy cats have a habit of vomiting and if the vomit is regular, you need not worry. However, along with the vomit, if you notice some other sickness signs, you should take your cat to the vet. Other sickness signs include fasting, less grooming and some others. The case can be critical when your cat vomits even after drinking water.

Knowing Your Sick CatWatch the Feces

One of the most important steps in Knowing Your Sick Cat is to watch the feces. Generally, a cat would produce feces that have the shape of sausages. But, when a cat is sick, it might be suffering from diarrhea and that means liquid feces. This might also happen sometimes when the tummy of cat is upset, but if it continues for more than 24 hours, you might be in serious trouble. Moreover, if mucus or blood is found in the excreta, you should head to the vet immediately without a second thought.

Pay Heed to the Activity Level

Cats are generally full of energy and they dance around the house all day. Some days, when they are upset, they might not be energetic enough. However, it is also a sign of a sick cat, so when you feel that your cat is feeling lazy, you should not just ignore it. As a pet owner, you should have proper idea of the personality of your cat and if you feel that it is behaving different from its personality since a couple of days, the best thing to do would be to head to a vet.

Watch for Dizziness

Unlike humans, cat cannot speak. They cannot tell you that they are feeling dizzy, this is something that you should check for your pet. When you see that their head is tilting in an abnormal fashion, you should look if something is wrong with them. Also, when your cat is sick and then it feels dizzy even after consulting with the vet, you might need to take the cat to another vet. Or, you might need to call up the vet to report the issue. Cats might also get dizzy when they have sudden strokes, or their blood pressure fluctuates. Whatever it is, it is always good to consult a vet so that you can take proper care of your sick cat.

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