Home Remedies for Treating a Sick Cat

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These days, most of the cat owners prefer to use home remedies for treating a sick cat rather than running to the vet immediately. This is because home remedies have a lower risk of side effects, both for the cat as well as for the humans in the house. Some of the home remedies are such that you can use them along with the medicines given by the vet, so that your cat recovers faster. Let us discuss some of them.


Allergy is common in cats and the one home remedy that you can use for treating allergy is Ginko Biloba. In case your cat is suffering from asthma allergy, this would be one of the best home remedy to go for. However, make sure that you do not give it to the lactating or the pregnant cat.

Home Remedies For Treating A Sick CatBad Breath

For the bad breath, you can use aloe Vera toothpaste for your cat. Not only the bad breath but some of the common mouth problems can also be solved by the aloe Vera due to its healing properties. A good thing to do here is to add some bee Propolis to the toothpaste, as it would keep the bacteria away and provide enough strength to the immune system of the cat.

Digestive Disorder

Just like humans, cats have digestive disorders too. And, just like we treat ourselves by taking some anti-acidity mixtures, cats can also be treated using some common home remedies. One thing that is certain to provide benefit to the cat in case of digestive disorder is slippery elm powder. It would make the digestion easy and the stomach of the cat would be relieved. Aloe Vera gel and pumpkin can also be used to treat digestive disorders; you just have to add a little amount of it to the food you are giving to your cat.

Eye Infections

When your cat suffers from eye infection, it might be really hurtful to you as well. However, if you try using Calendula, with a common name, marigold, and your cat might be saved from the trouble. The anti-bacterial properties of the substance would help to soothe the eyes of the cat. In case there is some infection in the mouth and throat as well, borage can also be used.


Since fleas are a common problem in cats, when you try to know about the Home Remedies For Treating A Sick Cat, knowing about the remedies for fleas is really important. Vinegar, for example, has such properties that if you use it to bath your cat, fleas would die automatically. You can make flea shampoo on yourself by adding some cleaning material to the vinegar.

Underweight Kittens

When you see that your cat is not growing at the required pace, you should try using some homemade growth promoters for its growth. Chlorella can be given to the cat without any issues, you can give it in capsule form or as a powder.

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